Komen’s Investment in Research

The generosity of our many supporters has made it possible for Komen Kentucky to contribute over $4 million into the $988 million total research investment SGK has made to date.

With your support, our scientific research will continue to address some of the most pressing issues in breast cancer today:

  • 56% more targeted treatments while minimizing side effect profile of the treatment
  • 18% better methods for earlier detection, more accurate diagnosis, and personalized treatments
  • 14% improving quality of life for breast cancer patients
  • 7% biology of how breast cancer starts and spreads
  • 3% environmental, genetic, and other potential causes
  • 2% new approaches to preventing breast cancer



Komen set a Bold Goal
to reduce the current number of breast cancer deaths
by 50 percent in the U.S. by 2026


“Susan G. Komen leads the way, funding more breast cancer research than any other breast cancer nonprofit.”
Dr. Powel Brown, MD Anderson


Curent Research Projects

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Clinical Trials

Breast cancer patients at any stage can join a clinical trial. Breast cancer clinical trials study prevention, new screening tests and treatment options, as well as quality of life issues. After discussing this option with your health care provider, you may consider joining a clinical trial.

Find a Clinical Trial or call our Clinical Trial Information Helpline at 877-465-6636.